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Valerie is a Professional Organizer, Productivity Strategist, and a certified ADHD Coach.  She holds ICD certifications in the areas of ADHD, Chronic Disorganization, Hoarding Behavior, and Time Management.  Valerie holds additional certificates in Residential Organizing, Workplace Productivity, and Life Transitions from NAPO.  

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She is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD). 


Professional and business ethics are important to Valerie and she adheres to codes set forth

by both NAPO and the ICD

In her other life, Valerie is a poet and runs a literary series in New York called Poetry & Coffee.  She is a singer and performer and has been known to appear periodically on community and off-off-Broadway stages.  Valerie is also an activist for social justice, an avid reader, and a very proud cat mom.  


Why I'm

The Right


Specific training and established expertise provide credible, applicable information you can trust and use immediately.

20+ years in professional organizing and business productivity. Specialty certifications in residential organizing, life transitions, and workplace productivity. Expertise and training in crafting solutions for those with brain-based challenges such as ADHD, learning disabilities, and traumatic brain injury. Wide-ranging experience understanding and addressing the needs of those dealing with chronic disorganization, hoarding behavior, and 12-step recovery. An extensive toolbox of carefully vetted resources, processes, systems, tools, products and related professionals. Added together, you have access to a trusted and respected partner who can help you carefully and systematically identify and implement solutions with your needs in mind.

Focusing on your individuality and unique needs lets us roll up our sleeves and make the challenging work rewarding and satisfying.

I facilitate building a multi-functional space that works for you at the day-to-day level, while fostering creativity for the long-term. We'll do the hard work together, recognizing that pouring as olid foundation is the key to a safe, serevene, livable homefor your mind, body and soul. You deserve the custom-tailored attention not found via the one-size-fits-all approach. In partnership we'll determine the changes and strategeies that best meet your needs, supporting your journey along your unique path.

A personalized system of daily living activities creates sustainable, process-focused results, fostering a peaceful environment and way of being in the world.

Lifestyle alteration can seem overhwelming: apprehension regarding what needs doing, confusion around the how-when-why, concerns about prioritizing and focus, and more. My approach focuses on enabling you to take ownership and make positive changes happen, on your own terms. I meet you wherever you are in the process, sharing tactics and identifying solutions to facilitate progress toward your goals- along with my tips for recognized responsibility, improved self-esteem and enhanced productivity.

Creating a safe environment of empathy and compassion nurtures the confidence to free your life from blame, shame and guilt- while finding hope for the future.

Acknowledging imperfection- and acceptance of it- is key to peace and happiness. We'll collaporate to create a low-pressure, supportive environment welcoming transformation on your terms. You'll learn to rely on the solutions we've created to feel control over what needs to be done, and have a sense of security about doing it. While discovering the joy within the process, you'll be liberated from emotional overwhelm. It's my job to craft a fun, easygoing and gratifying experience where you can enjoy and appreciate being "in the process.".

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