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Organizing Your Life: Your Journey from Clutter to Clarity

A 6-session workshop

Starts July 11, 2024

6:45-8:15pm ET

$299 (or $60 per week)*

Click here to register

Limited to 8 participants

Payment in full or $60 deposit if paying weekly (plus signed credit card authorization)

must be made to secure your spot.


Are you overwhelmed by clutter, unsure of how to start, struggling to downsize, or to just simplify your life? "From Clutter to Clarity" is a comprehensive six-week workshop series designed to help individuals tackle their chronic clutter, regain control of their living spaces, and ultimately achieve a more organized and stress-free lifestyle. Led by Valerie G. Keane, Professional Organizer, Productivity Strategist, and ADHD Coach at LOTIS.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

WEEK ONE: "Getting Started"
In our opening session, we will delve into the fundamentals of organization. We'll identify your organizing goals and explore the reasons behind your clutter. Learn how to combat overwhelm and establish an effective plan of action. Discover the power of CANDO goals and how to set immediate, achievable goals for yourself. Prepare for the journey ahead by gathering essential tools and a bag or box of items to sort.

WEEK TWO: "Taking Action"
Put our organizational system into practice, as you bring your bag of items to the session. We'll use the techniques learned in week one to begin organizing your clutter. We’ll identify the challenges you encounter and discuss how to overcome them. Between sessions, you’ll practice using the organizing system and note any obstacles for discussion.

WEEK THREE: "Overcoming Barriers"
This week, we'll address the common barriers to taking action, the sources of overwhelm, and where you might get stuck during the organizing process. You’ll share your experiences and explore strategies and tools to reduce overwhelm and overcome obstacles. Learn when it's appropriate to tackle tasks alone and when to seek professional assistance.

WEEK FOUR: "The Sentimental Journey"
Dive into the emotional aspects of clutter as we explore the sentimental value of objects. We’ll discuss the challenges of parting with items due to emotional attachment and delve into the significance of memorabilia and family heirlooms. You’ll gain insights into how to honor meaningful possessions and make decisions about donating, selling, or discarding items.

WEEK FIVE: "Working Together"
Participate in a co-working session where we'll organize the items you've brought. Discover the power of co-working and accountability, and understand their effectiveness in maintaining your progress. You’ll your experiences and challenges related to the organizing system. Together, we will seek solutions to new obstacles.

WEEK SIX: "Planning for the Future"
As we near the end of our journey, we’ll create a written plan for the future. We’ll anticipate potential obstacles and develop a reasonable, time-bound action plan to continue your progress. You’ll learn the importance of celebrating your successes and explore ways to maintain your newfound organization.

Join us in From Clutter to Clarity, and let's help transform your living space from chaos to tranquility. Get ready to reclaim your life, one organized step at a time!

Please note:

  • This workshop will NOT cover paper organization.  If you wish to enroll in our Paper Organization Workshop, please sign up for our mailing list to be alerted of future events. 

  • This workshop is appropriate for people who can perform organizing work for at least 1 hour per week in between classes.

  • Although not ADHD-focused, this workshop is appropriate for the ADHD community and will, when appropriate, address neurodivergent challenges that may affect the organizing process. 

  • There are no refunds for this workshop.  If you have a true emergency, credit towards a future workshop will be issued at the discretion of LOTIS LLC. 

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