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How do I know if your

services are right

for me?

If you’ve tried to do things yourself and it just never seemed to work, then my services are for you.  If you’ve read self-help books (and maybe not finished reading them) and never seemed to apply the information they contained, then my services are for you.  If you think you know what to do but just don’t have the time to do it, then my services are for you.  If you have a history of being chronically disorganized and unproductive and it has affected the quality of your life and your relationships, then my services are for you.

What are your rates?

I have an hourly rate with a 3-hour minimum for clients that I see in their home or office.  A virtual session is a 1-hour minimum. My consult is free and that’s when I’ll let you know what my hourly rate is.  I like to get a sense of what your needs are first so I can talk, in a meaningful context, about how often we would possibly work together.  (In other words, telling you my rate on my website doesn’t really mean anything until we talk about how often we might work together!) Currently, my hourly rate is on par with the average fee for Coaching or Professional Organization in NYC. 

What if I feel

I can't afford a Professional Organizer but I really need one?

I’m so glad you asked.  I work with clients with all different budgets.  We work together to determine what’s in your budget and how often we can meet.  And we make it work.  I will always give you my honest assessment of how slow or quick I think the progress will be based on how many times we can meet per month.  I’ll always let you know if I feel the frequency just isn’t enough to be effective. 

Do you coordinate with mental health professionals?

I do!  It's great when clients already have a therapist, social worker, psychiatrist, or psychologist and we can all work collaboratively.  I need your permission, of course, before I speak to them, and everything we work on and talk about stays completely confidential. Coaches, Professional Organizers, and Productivity Strategists can put into action things you discuss in your sessions with your mental health provider.  

Are there things that Professional Organizers

don’t do?

Yes.  We don’t clean houses, but we can recommend cleaning services.  We don’t do therapy, but we can recommend mental health providers.  We don’t come into your home and insist you get rid of stuff. We can work through the decision-making process with you but you are always the person in charge of making final decisions.  And, since every Professional Organizer has their own specialties, I will always refer you out if I feel one of my colleagues would better serve your needs.  


Insured & Bonded?

LOTIS, LLC is insured and bonded, giving you additional peace of mind in our work together.  Does your building require a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?  Let us know and we can provide it.  

What if I have other questions that weren’t answered here?

Write them down and sign up for a free consult with me!

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