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Individuality, because you are unique and have your own way of being in the world.  Organizational tools and strategies should be customized and designed just for you, not force you to adopt a methodology.  At LOTIS, we don’t try to fit square pegs into round holes.  We celebrate different learning styles, brain differences, personalities, and living situations.  We have the experience to find the strategies that are right for you and your household or work environment.

Serenity, because, no matter what current challenges you are experiencing, isn’t that what we’re all really looking for?  Whether it’s peace that is gained when you no longer have to look around a room that is full or clutter, or the fights that are eliminated with family members because there are no more upsets over messes, or forgetting things, or an unequal distribution of labor, or if it’s peace that is gained by finally understanding your ADHD, or hoarding behavior, or chronic disorganization and finally letting go of shame and guilt and having hope restored, serenity as an end result of our work together is at the core of everything we do. 

Some people ask us if LOTIS is also a reference to a lotus flower.  It is! Here is why- 




























“Beautiful and able to bounce back from just about anything  – just like US.”  

There is also a quote from Thich Nhat Hanh that says, “No mud, no lotus.” Lotus flowers need the murky mud at the bottom of ponds and lakes in order to grow and bloom and produce those stunning flowers. When you look underneath the water, they have these long, tangled stems and roots that reach down into this silty, muddy mess.  But that’s what made them beautiful.  All that.  As human beings, we have “mud” too.  Sometimes we look like a tangled mess underneath.  But there are gifts in that mud and that mess.  There is a lot we can learn about ourselves in that mud and use it to bloom.  If we didn’t have the mess, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to find our own beauty and strength.  

That is what LOTIS is all about.

Many years ago, Valerie, the owner and operator of LOTIS, was rowing around a lake in Rhinebeck, NY and it was filled with stunningly beautiful water flowers.  As she rowed, the wind kicked up and her boat was heading straight for one of the lotus flowers, floating on the top of the water.  She thought for sure it would be destroyed if her boat passed over the top of it.  Unable to adjust the path of the boat in time, it glided right over the lotus.  Valerie was surprised and delighted to see that the flower just popped right back up, unscathed and she thought...



Valerie is a Professional Organizer and Productivity Strategist, as well as the owner of LOTIS.  She is a  ADHD specialist, Chronic Disorganization Specialist, and Hoarding Specialist.  Valerie holds additional certifications in Residential Organizing, Workplace Productivity, and Life Transitions.  

She is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD). 

Professional and business ethics are important to Valerie and she adheres to codes set forth by both NAPO and the ICD


In her other life, Valerie is a poet and runs a literary series in New York called Poetry & Coffee.  She is a singer and performer and has been known to appear periodically on community and off-off-Broadway stages.  Valerie is also an activist for social justice, an avid reader, and a very proud cat mom.  

Want to know more? Check out Why Choose Me!

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LOTIS donates 1% of its annual profits to the Business Center for New Americans.  The Business Center for New Americans (BCNA) creates a pathway to self-sufficiency for immigrant and refugee entrepreneurs in New York City by providing access to affordable credit, empowering with financial education, and offering training in best business practices and technology.


LOTIS, LLC is insured and bonded, giving you additional peace of mind in our work together.  Does your building require a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?  Let us know and we can provide it.  

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